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We have experienced that it all starts with the will to look at your own activities and your own pitfalls, obstacles, and blind spots.

Do you, your team and organisation want to grow?

Integrato’s ‘Five-step plan’ (see below) helps you in achieving what you want in life: More development, meaning, direction and satisfaction!

A quick preview of how we can help you and your organization.

Five-step plan for ‘continuity in reliability and quality’

Learning and growing does not only mean focussing on financial success and keeping up with your competition. You should also focus on yourself and innovate. Your own wishes and those of your team and (existing and new) customers change constantly. Innovation is key: Your output, services and products should develop. ‘FOR LIFELONG BLENDED LEARNING AND GROWING’ is our five-step plan to develop and grow. Blended means a mix, a combination or blend of different ways to learn and develop. A meta-analysis of almost 300 studies with 45.000 participants shows that blended learning, the combination of e-learning and face-to-face education, is more effective than just e-learning or face-to-face education.

Our five-step plan helps you:


Mapping and advising

Integrato will map your needs, wishes, and stronger and weaker points using our mapping tool. Together, we will create a customised programme. This allows you to fully utilise the opportunities and wishes of all employees.


E-learning (also known as online or web-based learning)

The advantages of e-learning are:


Growth through education, training, and exercise

‘Experience is the teacher of all things’. Julius Caesar Integrato uses first and foremost interesting real-life cases. We supplement this with only the necessary theories. Develop yourself using the tested concept of ‘For lifelong blended learning’.


Using apps

Our ‘App op Maat’ is a customary app which we develop for (and with) you:


Evaluating and learning from all experiences

Growing and learning are dynamic processes. That’s why you should evaluate all experiences, in order to continuously develop.

Integrato processes the results of the evaluations in special portfolios (a development plan or ‘growth’-passport) with a clear overview of personal or team competences.

The portfolios form the basis of a roadmap for you, your team or your organisation!

About Integrato


Growing and learning is not just a matter of knowledge.
We realise that people differ in the way that they want to develop themselves.
One person wants to overthink, while another wants to perceive, experience or experiment.

Every person has their own motives. Motives determine a person’s actions, manner of communication, leadership, cooperation and dealing with pressure and insecurity.


Our mission is to provide companies with the tools to develop their employees and their organisation. We do this by sharing useful insights. These insights are gained from starting and running multiple companies, and our experiences in the police force, medical care, municipalities, regional governments, foundations, associations and (international) federations.

Let us help you grow and learn.
And thereby realise your passion and dreams!

William Cuijpers and Inge Bruggink
Founders and owners Integrato BV

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