E-learning (also online and webbased learning)

‘Determine how fast, when and where you learn’

E-learning is the perfect start to keep track of your knowledge and skills or to take them to a higher level. Meta-analyses of nearly 300 studies among 45,000 participants show that e-learning is just as effective as face-to-face education.

Our e-learning modules contain relevant teaching material with many (practical) examples.

You complete different assignments with each e-learning module:

  • For one assignment you will immediately receive the answers.
  • For the other assignment, you will send your answers by e-mail or post to your e-teacher and receive feedback via e-mail or post.
  • And for some assignments, your e-teacher will give you feedback by telephone.

Integrato offers e-learning modules separately or linked to a training or course.

Some of the frequently mentioned benefits of our e-learning modules are:

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